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New Rules for Farmland registration in Telangana

The Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department introduced a new guideline for farmland registration in Telangana to avoid any problems after the purchase of farmland. ‘Registration of farm plots is not feasible if its area is less than 2,000 square metres (20 guntas), and approved layout copy is necessary if the farm plot abuts a new road,’ according to the new addition.

To make it easier to understand, farmland cannot be purchased if the land size is less than 2,000 square metres (20 guntas), and if the farm plot has a boundary with a new road, a copy of the approved project design is required.

It’s worth noting that the market values of agricultural lands, open plots, and flats in Telangana have increased by 50%, 35%, and 25%, respectively. From February 1, 2022, the revised rates will be in effect. The software on the IGRS Telangana official website has been updated to reflect the revised prices. The market value charges were changed after the Commissioner and Inspector General of Registration and Stamps (IGRS Telangana) finished working with the several committees established under the Telangana Revision of Market Value Guidelines Rules-1998.

On the other side, many small realtors would be affected by the new Telagana land registration laws. Farm plots were mostly built by small builders because the money necessary for this type of project was modest, and land costs in Hyderabad’s outskirts are still low compared to land near the ORR.

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