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Sustainable architecture – a successor of vernacular architecture and a climate friendly alternative

Sustainable architecture – a successor of vernacular architecture and a climate friendly alternative

Sustainable houses have played an integral role in the olden days when the concept of sustainability didn’t even exist.

Nowadays, people’s lifestyle choices are heavily being influenced by them becoming climate-sensitive as they are slowly realising the negative impact of adverse environmental changes which is affecting the health and well-being of their families.

Sustainable architecture is the art of building houses using eco-friendly materials which causes little to no pollution, no carbon emissions and ensures proper energy consumption to lessen the harmful effect on the environment. It is the extension of vernacular architecture as it is the integration of natural materials and modern technologies to create beautiful houses and a safe space to live in.

Western architecture took the world by storm especially in India and it can be seen in the form of various high-rise buildings and skyscrapers with flat concrete roofs adorning almost every major city in India but this might not be a climate specific style of architecture as opposed to the slopy roof structure which we have been following since a lot of years.

The primary material which is used for the construction of a house is solid concrete which absorbs heat during the day and reflects it back during the nights and the soaring temperatures are only making it difficult for the people to sustain and it is increasing the power consumption (A/Cs) which in turn leads to an increase in CFCs which is a greenhouse gas.

The rising heat waves in India is a testament to the climate crisis which is becoming a serious cause of concern and increasing the need for building houses which are climate friendly.

Green and organic building materials which have a natural cooling ability such as adobe, bamboo, strawbale, wood and stone amongst a few can be used as a climate-friendly alternative to concrete houses and it also improves the indoor air quality which helps in promoting a healthy and a happy lifestyle.

Biophilic designs are gaining wide momentum these days and it simply means to connect people with nature and giving them an opportunity to embrace the vital aspects of nature to the fullest which is also the main purpose of Avani’s Green Swing a resort themed residential layout providing vintage style weekend homes. 

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