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The ECO Friendly Living Trend Takes the World by Storm.

The world of real estate is changing, and very rapidly at that. Sustainable real estate has become the new norm. Sustainable living and real estate has carved out a niche for itself. Developers alike are intent on commencing sustainable practices, which has positioned them to reap the benefits for the next decade.

Consumers demand and aspects of life.

As people worldwide adopt increasingly eco-conscious practices, the demand for sustainable goods and services increases. Many of us seek to shrink our carbon footprints using our purchasing power. We can also make lifestyle alterations at home, decreasing atmospheric and surface-level pollution.

The term “sustainable housing” signifies structures actively working to minimize adverse ecological impacts.

According to Knight Frank’s Global Buyer’s survey, nearly a third of buyers (28%) say environment regulations affecting the value of their home would influence their decision to buy.

A realistic and affordable option

Many investment professionals view sustainable real estate as part of the industryʼs future because it is affordable and appeals to eco- conscious consumers.As a result, many construction professionals are developing sustainable structures.

Indiaʼs green building market is estimated to double by 2022 at 10 billion sq ft, valuing around USD 35 – 50 billion, driven by increasing awareness level, environmental benefits and government support.

Stating that green buildings can improve the environmentʼs ecology in numerous ways, the consultant said that it can reduce the energy consumption by 20 – 30 per cent, water usage by 30 – 50 per cent and significantly reduce waste generation by extensive recycling.

sector in India is responsible for 22 percent of global greenhouse gas emission. Buildings contribute to one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions and consume 40% of the worldʼs energy.

Keeping up with the growth of these green real estate innovations, AVANI PROJECTS has introduced GREEN SWING. Itʼs an exclusive community of Urban Weekend Homes/ plots near Shankarpally, about 50 km drive from the IT hub of Gachibowli and Financial district, Hyderabad.

Buying a green home is a lifetime investment that will nurture their families and future generations. This idea is encouraging youngsters to park their money in such green homes.

The improving affordability is also a factor in the growth. The government is putting in efforts to promote and enhance energy efficiency in the building sector. In one of its recent initiatives called ʻAzadi Ka Amrut Mahotsavʼ.

Building green homes with sustainable resources might temporarily escalate operational costs, but in the long run, any business that responds to its consumerʼs demands and expectations makes sure the long term gains far outweigh the short term compromises.

AVANI PROJECTS is a trustworthy and passionate real estate firm with a team of professionals who have commited to offer great value to customers with innovative concepts along with strong emphasis on ethical practices and quality.

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