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Avani green Swing Weekend Home project Near Shankarpally

Idhar Chala main Udhar Chala, Jaane Kahan main Kidhar Chala….

Monsoons have come to Hyderabad and we all must be humming songs like above for holiday drives and weekend destinations. It’s the rainy season in Hyderabad and therefore an amazing time to spend at a serene place closer to nature. It was a great time during the childhood of most millennials who had a close connection to their villages and their elderly who stayed there. This was the time to drive down and stay there for a week or more to enjoy the most important thing in life, which is life itself.

The current generation can’t and won’t relate as the families are more into urban concrete jungles with no time to de-stress. Most of the time is gone into electronics and gadgets which are ruling out lives. Privacy and serenity are something we all must be craving for. Weekend drives are back into vogue and all we see is that people are willing to travel long distances just to spend time with nature.

A village-style environment which was far easier to do a decade back with families staying in villages, giving us the peace of mind, we needed. It is becoming a distant dream with rapid urbanization and work-related stress not allowing us to take long breaks to drive to far off places. Add to that the exorbitant travel costs post covid which has made this a costly affair.

The weekend homes concept is catching up like wildfire in metros and it is the way forward for people to have such blissful experiences. Most of the cities today have employees and entrepreneurs trying to own a piece of land to build their own farmhouse or get into organic farming. They want to spend the weekends closer to nature with limited pollution with focus on health and peace of mind.

This is where Avani’s Green Swing fits in perfectly into your plans. It is like a plug and play model where all the above needs and aspirations are met. We at Avani would like to say Hum Hain Na. Avani’s Green swing is the perfect weekend getaway to claim your life back with additional benefits of wealth creation. The picturesque location amidst the hustle bustle of our daily routine will serve as a perfect recipe for happiness. There is a famous saying – You can’t have the cake and eat it too. We at Avani’s Green Swing believe that it is very much possible to do that. You can have a great weekend hub to enjoy your life and spend quality time close to nature and enjoy the real estate returns which are bound to come with this venture.

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